About us

Develagro engaged in manufacturing prefabricated arch halls based on a system of self-supporting steel profiles. For the construction of halls use mobile machine that delivered directly to the construction site, it is capable of a rapid time to start fabrication of components necessary to climb the arch of covers.

The only raw material delivered to the building site and used in the fabrication process of a steel plate in coils / necklaces. Hale can reach a span of 20 meters and a height of 10 m, at the same time are extremely durable, strong and resistant to changing weather conditions. Halls are self-supporting, which means that the system is completely devoid of any additional elements wsporniczych, trusses, columns, etc.

An additional advantage of this type of covers is the elimination of all screw connections, riveted, etc., And the tightness and durability of the connection is achieved by automated bending / felcowanie edge of the sheet.